Coronado Brewing Co.’s newest seasonal release is the first beer to show off the brewery’s brand refresh design.

Berry The Hatchet is a 4.6 percent ABV wheat ale brewed with 2-row and American wheat malt along with blackberries, boysenberries and raspberries. The beer was first released as a draft-only option by the Coronado, Calif.-based brewery in 2013.

Coronado Berry The Hatchet 2

Berry The Hatchet will join two other beers in Coronado’s seasonal lineup: Sock Knocker IPA (8.5 percent ABV) and Punk’In Drublic  (8 percent ABV).

According to a press release, Berry The Hatchet will be packaged in both six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and 22-ounce bottles as well as on-draft when it is released on May 1 across the brewery’s distribution network of 16 states and seven countries.