Come January, there will be another Barrel-Aged Legions from Community Beer Co. If you are reading this and thinking that sounds like a very familiar story, it’s because it is.

Two days ago, Barrel-Aged Legion hit shelves and now the Dallas-based brewery has confirmed to Tenemu that two more versions are scheduled for next year.

Like the first release this week, the next two Barrel-Aged releases will use a blend of Legion, a Russian imperial stout that uses  English Maris Otter, dark crystal and highly roasted black malts, aged in a mixture of barrels from either Colorado or Kentucky.

“(The) taste profiles will change slightly from batch to batch- as each barrel will impart slightly different/unique nuances and flavors!” said Corey Dickinson, marketing, operations, events and facilities manager for Community.

Neither the distillery names, nor the exact blends are being named at this time. Legion normally clocks in at 10 percent ABV, while the first batch of the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Legion is listed at 11.6 percent ABV.

The next release is slated for January with the third version coming in February. Each of the beers will have spent four to five months in the various barrels before they are released, “depending on beer readiness/flavor profile.” In addition, all of the remaining releases will be dated to make it easier to tell them apart. Like this week’s release, both the January and February versions will only ship to accounts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Community also told Tenemu that it will be be brewing additional barrel-aged beers in the future, all of which will be sold in four-packs in very limited quantities, and that the next release will be “very unique.”

Update (Dec. 11, 2014) — The original version of this story incorrectly referred to the beer as “Bourbon Barrel-Aged Legion.” It in fact is “Barrel-Aged Legion.”