Fans of Community Beer Co.’s Barrel-Aged Legion will be drinking the newest incarnation of the imperial stout out of cans instead of bottles.

The latest version is Irish Coffee Barrel-Aged Legion, a Russian imperial stout aged for “several months” in Irish whiskey barrels from Jameson Distillers and conditioned on both cold-steeped coffee and whole coffee beans. As the name suggests, the base beer is the Dallas, Texas-based brewery’s Legion, a 10 percent ABV Russian imperial stout that incorporates 12 different malts, including English Maris Otter, dark crystal and highly roasted black malts.

Irish Coffee Barrel-Aged Legion one of a number of different Jameson Caskmates Drinking Buddies collaborations that have been released pairing different craft beer brewery’s creations and Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels. The program was launched last year and past releases in the series have included Great Divide Brewing Co.’s The Smoothness, an 8.7 percent ABV dark lager that has been aged in Jameson Caskmates barrels; Cycle Brewing’s  Buddy Shots, an 11 percent ABV ale brewed with six different caramel malts as well as “just a little bit of chocolate” before being aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels; and Fat Heads Brewing’s Strange Trip Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, a 9.4 percent ABV imperial stout brewed with centennial, perle and Simcoe hops before being aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels.

According to a post on Community’s Facebook page, Irish Coffee Barrel-Aged Legion will be packaged in four-packs of 16-ounce cans instead of 12-ounce bottles as has historically been the case and is scheduled to be released during an event at the brewery on Sept. 13. Four-packs of cans will also be shipping to retailers in the north Texas area after the event.