Next week, Jester King Brewery is rereleasing the newest version of the first beer it ever produced.

Commercial Suicide is a 2.9 percent ABV “oaked farmhouse mild” brewed with pilsner brown, chocolate, crystal and amber malts, as well as flaked oats and golding hops before being fermented entirely in French oak founders. It was the first beer that the Austin, Texas-based brewery ever released back in October 2010, and has gone through many incarnations since then, most notably from using English yeast at first and switching to farmhouse yeast in later versions before settling on “(Jester King’s) own unique mixed culture of native yeast and bacteria.”

“Inspired by English Mild Ale, Commercial Suicide retains the sessionability of its classic counterpart while taking on its own unique sense of place through wild fermentation with yeasts native to our land in the Texas Hill Country,” reads the Jester King website. “Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.”

According to a post on Jester King’s blog, Commercial Suicide is packaged in 750ml bottles ($12) and will go on sale starting June 18 when the brewery opens, with no purchase limits. Approximately 3,600 bottles were produced.