First it was a lion, but now Clown Shoes Beer wants you to ride a different animal with its newest beer.

The Ipswich, Mass.-based brewery will be releasing Ride the Wendigo, an 11 percent ABV wee heavy that has been aged for 10 months in Pierre Ferrand cognac barrels. The name of the beer is in reference to one of Clown Shoes’ previous releases, Ride the Lion, a 10 percent ABV wee heavy that is brewed with heather tips and aged in bourbon barrels.

“Descended from a notorious clan of Scottish lore, head brewer Dan Lipke channeled the Tartan tapestry encoded in his DNA to create a formidable Wee Heavy,” reads the label posted to Clown Shoes’ Facebook page. Excited, our heroine rides a wendigo through a MN park, killing mutated badgers.”

According to the Facebook post, Ride the Wendigo will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and will be a Minnesota-state exclusive available “starting around the end of October.”