The latest incarnation of Clown Shoes Beer’s blended stout is back.

La Bestia Furioso is a 12 percent ABV blend of two of the Boston-based brewery’s barrel-aged imperial “Mexican chocolate stouts”—one that was brewed with habanero peppers and aged in rum barrels and the other that was brewed with chipotle chilies and aged in bourbon barrels.

The new stout is the newest installment in Clown Shoes’ Beast Series, which are all made up of various releases blended together, with past releases including beers like Flight of the Angry Beast (12 percent ABV), Hammer of the Beast (12 percent ABV) and Extremely Angry Beast (12 percent ABV.)

According to a post on Clown Shoes’ Facebook page,  La Bestia Furioso is packaged in 22-ounce bottles that are shipping to retailers across the brewery’s distribution network now.