Clown Shoes Beer has shipped a new variant of its popular Chocolate Sombrero stout just in time for summer.

Coconut Sombrero is a 7 percent ABV Mexican-style chocolate stout brewed with coconut, lactose, vanilla, chocolate and rye malts. As the name indciates, the new beer uses Clown Shoes’ Chocolate Sombrero (9 percent ABV) stout as its base, but features a lower ABV for “added drinkability” according to the brewery.

Clown Shoes Coconut Sombrero

Previous variants of Clown Shoes’ Chocolate Sombrero stout have included Tequila Sombrero (11 percent ABV) and Mocha Sombrero (7 percent ABV.)

According to a post on Clown Shoes’s Facebook page, Coconut Sombrero is packaged in four-packs of 16-ounce cans that are shipping nationally this week.