Clown Shoes Beer’s popular Chocolate Sombrero stout will have a “dessert-inspired twist” variant returning soon.

The beer in question is Churro Sombrero, a 7 percent ABV Mexican-style chocolate stout brewed with cinnamon sugar and vanilla beans. As the name indicates, the new beer uses Clown Shoes’ Chocolate Sombrero (9 percent ABV) stout as its base and it was last shipped to retailers in October 2019.

Previous variants of Clown Shoes’ Chocolate Sombrero stout have included Coconut Sombrero (7 percent ABV), Tequila Sombrero (11 percent ABV) and Mocha Sombrero (7 percent ABV.)

According to a post on Clown Shoes’ Facebook page, Churro Sombrero 2020 is packaged in 16-ounce cans that are scheduled to ship to retailers in “most markets…soon.”