Clown Shoes Beer’s newest beer is wanted dead or alive.

The Ipswich, Mass.-based brewery will be releasing Evil Crawfish, a 9 percent ABV imperial red ale dry hopped with citra, El Dorado and mosaic hops. The new beer is a “cleaner. meaner, less bitter” version of the brewery’s Eagle Claw Fist, an 8 percent ABV imperial amber ale that was originally released in 2010 and incorporated Chico yeast as well as Canadian 2-row, English crystal and English black patent malts.

“Once upon a time a man walked into a bar where a friend of ours was tending the taps,” reads the beer label posted on Clown Shoes’ Facebook page. “He tried to order an Eagle Claw Fist, but got it wrong, and asked for an Evil Crawfish. When we heard the story, after much laughter, we knew one day we’d make the beer.”

According to the Facebook post, Evil Crawfish will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and will be available across Clown Shoes’ entire distribution footprint in November.