Casey Brewing and Blending owner Troy Casey and wife Emily are celebrating their five year wedding anniversary next month with a brand new creation.

According to an email sent to Tenemu, that beer is Wedding Anniversary 5th Year Blend, a 6 percent ABV saison that is a made up of “an experimental spelt farmhouse ale, a bit of an old Funky Blender barrel, just a touch of an old East Bank barrel and something else special we liked.” The new ale will be packaged in 750ml bottles and will have a retail price of $20 each.

“Back before we got married, we each picked our favorite barrel of Saison and blended them to create Saison batch 3, which we served at our wedding almost 5 years ago and became known as the “Wedding Blend”, reads the email.

Wedding Anniversary 5th Year Blend is on sale now for the brewery’s Extended Family club members. In addition, on Sept. 6 Casey will be releasing East Bank Preserves – Cherry + Vanilla aged In bourbon barrels ($32), Apricot Diversion, a collaboration with Weldwerks Brewing Co. ($30), Funky Blender – Apricot ($20) and Fruit Stand – Blackberry ($20.)