Casey Brewing and Blending has released a number of farmhouse ales since its founding, but a new creation coming on July 3 is special for one very specific reason.

That is the date the Glenwood, Colo.-based brewery will be debuting First Solo Inaugural Farmhouse Ale, a 5.8 percent ABV farmhouse ale brewed with malted barley and “a pinch” of malted wheat as well as Cascade hops before being fermented with its house culture in oak barrels. As the name alludes to, this is the first beer that was brewed on Casey’s new brewing system, which was installed last year.

“Similar to Saison, this higher gravity brew has up front acidity and esters that remind me of the earlier batches of Saison from 2014,” reads a post on Casey’s Instagram page. “We blended our favorite barrels from this first batch and present it to you as something unique, never to be brewed or blended again.”

According to Casey, First Solo Inaugural Farmhouse Ale will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($15) and will be available for purchase by attendees of the brewery’s facility tour staring on July 3.