For Casey Brewing & Blending, the new year also means the debut of a new series of beers.

This week, the Glenwood Springs, Colo.-based brewery is releasing the first addition in its new One Key Series, which will be made up of double fruited blends that will always include apricots. Named One Key-Apricots + Peaches, the new ale is a six percent ABV saison conditioned on two different fruits: organic apricots at a range of over three pounds per gallon for a month, then organic peaches at a rate of three pounds per gallon.

“Apricots and peaches or nectarines go together so well, but they’re rarely available at the same time during harvest,” reads an email sent to Tenemu. “If a brewer, like us, wants to use them together and not use puree or extracts, we must first ferment the beer on apricots and then on another stone fruit like peaches or nectarines.”

According to Casey, One Key-Apricots + Peaches is available online now exclusively for members of the brewery’s Extended Family club that is packaged in 750ml bottles ($32) and is limited to four bottles per person. Future releases in the One Key Series will be available to be purchased by the general public.