For anyone not expecting Framblanc 2016 to arrive until August, there’s good news, it’s already ready already.

It’s out already.

Framblanc is Cascade Brewing’s twist on a sour blond ale made “with more than 3,500 pounds of white raspberries” according to a press release. Framblanc is comprised of a blend of sour blond ales, aged as many as 14 months in oak wine barrels. This years release clocks in at 7.6 percent ABV in a corked and caged 750ml bottle.

“We expect Framblanc to sell out as fast as the previous two limited releases: Kentucky Peach and Tangerine Dream,” said Tim Larrance, vp of marketing in sales, in a press release. “Our fans will want to grab a bottle of this while it’s available.”

Cascade implemented a three tier pricing system, with distinct label styles to accompany each tier. Framblanc is a member of tier two. It went on sale yesterday at Cascade Brewing Barrel House for $25.