If aging beer in one type of oak is good, could aging in three different types be better? The Cascade’s new Sang Du Chêne may provide the answer.

Sang Du Chêne, or “blood of the oak” in English, is a blend of sour blond and triple ales aged in three kinds of oak vessel. In particular, toasted French and American puncheons, Cognac brandy hogsheads and aged wine foudres are used.

The oak provides “flavors of toasted sugars, vanillins and spice” according to a label submitted to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Sang Du Chêne will be bottled at 750ml and clocks in at 9 percent ABV. The beer is bottle-conditioned and serving temperature is suggested to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

An email sent to Cascade seeking additional details was not immediately returned.