Cascade Brewing Barrel House has released its plans for 2018, which include new Limited Releases as well as a number of beers that will be returning after hiatuses.

First, the Portland, Ore.-based brewery will be adding two beers to its core lineup that have not been seen for a while.

The first is Sang Rouge, a blend of sour red ales aged in red wine barrels and fresh oak puncheons for up to 24 months that was last released three years ago while the second is Cuvée du Jongleur, “a blend of select reds, triples and quads” that debuted in 2009 as an exclusive release for the brewery’s two pubs. Sang Rouge will be shipped to retailers in from January-June 2018, while Cuvée du Jongleur will be available from October-December 2018.

In addition, there will be three limited releases that will be shipped to retailers:

  • Melonious Blond — A blend of sour wheat and blondes aged up to 14 months with Oregon cantaloupe and summer kiss melons that will be available from March-June 2018.
  • Unnamed Upland Brewing Co. Collaboration — For this release, each brewery will supply a fruit locally found in each of their respective markets: Cascade will provide locally grown fresh pears from Oregon while Upland will supply fresh Paw Paw fruit. The new beer will be available from April-July 2018.
  • Framblanc — A blend of sour blonde ales aged for up to 14 months in oak wine barrels with white raspberries available from July-October 2018.

Finally, Cascade will be bottling Peche Fume for the first time, a blend of smoked wheat and blonde ales aged up to 14 months with fresh peaches. The ale debuted this year as a draft-only option available exclusively at the brewery’s two pubs in Portland.