Lambic fans the world over have a reason to rejoice, as one of Brasserie-Brouwerij Cantillon’s most popular beers is being released today.

According to a spokesperson at the Brussels-based brewery, bottles of this year’s incarnation of Fou’ Foune will be on the shelves starting today. The 5 percent ABV lambic is brewed with 1,200 kgs of apricots that are “stoned by hand” before being “soaked” in two-year old lambic for two months. Annual production of the beer is capped at 3,000 liters and it is packaged exclusly in 750ml corked and caged bottles, and while the vast marjoity of bottles will be sold in the brewery’s home country, a small number of bottles will be distributed to the United States.


In a post on Cantillon’s Facebook page, the brewery indicates that there is a limit of three bottles per person for Fou’ Foune 2016, a two bottle limit per person for Lou Pépé Framboise and a one bottle limit for Mamouche.