Almost exactly one year after Brasserie-Brouwerij Cantillon has started selling some of its beers online and shipping them directly to the consumer, it is happening again.

About an hour ago, the Brussels-based brewery began selling 450 pre-packaged sets of 750ml bottles that includes two Fou’ Foune 2017 and one Nath 2017 at a retail price of €64 ($75.)

This is the second time that Cantillon has sold bottles online with direct shipping to the consumer, after it released 150 sets of 750ml bottles that included one each of 2016 Fou’ Foune, 50N 4E and 2013 Lou Pepe at a retail price of €65 ($70) in November 2016.

According to a post on its Facebook page last year, the reason behind selling direct to the customer online was an attempt to curb secondary market prices for its beers.

Although some people are having issues getting onto the brewery’s online shop, Cantillon has not confirmed that the packages are sold out yet.

Update: The packages are sold out.