According to a label filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Bruery Terreux is working on Kyuri Dragon, an 5.9 percent ABV sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels with cucumbers, dragon fruit, kaffir lime leaves, lychee and rambutan While not well known in the U.S., rambutan is the fruit of a tree that is native to the Malay-Indonesian region as well as other parts of Southeast Asia.

Kauri Dragon is the second Bruery Terreux beer being produced with Brooke Williamson, a former contestant on Bravo’s television show Top Chef and the owner of California restaurants Hudson House, The Tripel, Playa Provisions and Da Kikokiko. The first collaboration is Girl Grey, an 8.5 percent ABV Belgian-style ale brewed with lactose, almonds and earl grey tea that is scheduled to be released in February.

An email sent to the brewery for additional information was not immediately returned.