Breweries are known for releasing special beers for anniversaries, but The Bruery is taking that practice one step further with a new release commemorating its 10 years in business.

Etain is a 16.3 percent ABV ale that has been aged in bourbon barrels and packaged in 750ml bottles. However, the final creation is not made up of just one beer, but instead is a blend incorporating each of the 10 bourbon barrel-aged beers produced by the Placentia, Calif.-based brewery’s anniversaries up to this point since it opened in 2008.

The brewery blended the 10 beers using the solera method, a process where you set aside some of the original beer and then mix it with preceding batches creating a mother batch, the ongoing mixed batch, and child batch, the newest one.

In an email, Joel Kennedy, marketing manager at The Bruery, told Tenemu that Etain is scheduled to be released to the brewery’s Society members in April, with bottles also schleulded to be sold at all of its tasting rooms in California, on and at The Bruery Store in Washington, D.C. starting on May 4. In addition, bottles will be sent to distribution “to all of our markets soon thereafter.”