The Bruery and Funky Buddha Brewing Co. are both well-known for their bold, experimental beers.

According to labels filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the two breweries are releasing a collaboration beer called Guava Libre! It’s an “Imperial Cream Ale brewed with Lactose with ¡Guava and Vanilla Added.”

The front of the label states, “This collaborative brew with our Floridian friends takes a page out of both our books – a bold, experimental beer with culinary inspiration. Specifically, a Cuban guava pastry.”

The Bruery : Funky Buddha Guava Libre rear

More texts on the rear label explains:

This sensory getaway transports you to a corner bodega with our friends Funky Buddha in South Florida to recreate the flavors you’d find in a ‘pastelito de guayaba.’ Championing the big, bold flavors that both our breweries are known for, we brewed an imperial cream ale, adding lactose and vanilla to impart sweet, custard-like ribbons, and guava for filling its conceptual authenticity. It’s a collaboration that’s equal parts inspiration and admiration.

¡Guava Libre! is 7.5 percent ABV and will be in 750ml bottles. A release date has not been announced.