For the second time in six months, Jester King Brewery has brewed a beer with Brasserie Dunham of Dunham, Quebec.

While the first collaboration was made at Jester King, this time, it was produced in Canada. Garrett Crowell, Jester King’s head brewer, and Adrienne Ballou, who heads the brewery’s barrel program, brewed the beer with Eloi Deit, head brewer at Brasserie Dunham, on Aug. 27. 

The result is a to-be-named saison brewed with honey as well as wild chanterelle mushrooms that were forged by Deit in the Gaspé Peninsula. In addition, the beer “received a few different strains of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeast,” according to Crowell.

The two breweries previously produced Amicis Mortis, a 4.2 percent ABV farmhouse ale that was brewed on March 30 at Jester King with wheat, sweet potatoes, chili peppers, and coconut. Although that beer was available for sale at Jester King, the new beer most likely will not be, as Brasserie Dunham does not distribute in Texas.

According to Garrett, the as yet unnamed beer does not have a final ABV, nor is there a release date known at this time.