Next month, Boulevard Brewing Co. will be releasing the first beer in a new series.

Requiem for a Pancake is a 13.3 percent ABV imperial brown ale that has been aged in oak barrels from Woodinville Whiskey Co. that once held rye whiskey before being emptied and filled again with maple syrup.

The beer is the debut release in Boulevard’s Brewhouse One Series, which is made up of limited releases.

“Last year, Boulevard’s brewers and barrel-wranglers got their hands on something special – a collection of diminutive eight-gallon oak barrels that had worked their magic on Woodinville Whiskey Co. rye and bourbon, before taking a turn aging rich, complex maple syrup,” reads a post on Boulevard’s Zozi page. “That’s where we came in: we brewed a big, boozy imperial brown ale to luxuriate in these already twice-used micro-barrels, a super-small batch beer almost ready for our friends and neighbors.”

While the new beer will go on sale to the public on March 1, there will be a pairing event taking place at the Boulevard Beer Hall that will feature Boulevard beers paired with various breakfast courses. Although tickets are sold out, the event is scheduled for Feb. 28 and will include one bottle of Requiem for a Pancake signed by the Boulevard’s brewmaster Steven Pauwels with the option to purchase another bottle.

According to a post on Boulevard’s Facebook page, Requiem for a Pancake will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles ($12) and will have a purchase limit of four bottles per person when it goes on sale to the public at the brewery on March 1. Boulevard had not stated whether the beer will be offered for distribution, though it’s not on the brewery’s release calendar.

In addition, for every bottle sold, Boulevard will donate $1 to Guadalupe Centers, Inc., an organization that was started to “improve the quality of life for individuals in the latino communities of greater Kansas City.”