A new collaboration between Boulevard Brewing Co. and The Bruery coming in March should make fans of barrel-age fruit saisons anything but sad.

Big Blueberry Ox Blueberry is a 10 percent ABV wild saison ale brewed with both Belgian and wild yeasts before being aged in an oak foeder for 14 months. The ale was then conditioned on 8,000 pounds of whole blueberries for four months and is scheduled to be packaged in 750ml bottles.

Big Blueberry Ox will be the newest release in Boulevard’s First Fridays Collection Series, which is “a series of exceptional beers at the intersection of experimental art and established science, a curation of cutting edge, artisanal, barrel-fermented and wood-aged ales.”

Previous additions to the series include Hold the Pancakes, a 14.1 percent ABV ale made up of a blend of multiple vintages of imperial brown ales as well as imperial stouts that have been aged in both rye and whiskey barrels for up to two years with maple syrup before being packaged in 750ml bottles; and Lickable Wallpaper, an 8.1 percent ABV mixed-fermentation saison brewed with aged Saaz hops before being aged in Chardonnay wine casks source “from a world-class winery in Napa Valley” for 14 months and conditioned on fresh Washington boysenberries for an additional four months.

In an email, Natalie Gershon, vice president of marketing for Boulevard, told Tenemu that Big Blueberry Ox  is scheduled to be released in March “with limited qualities going nationwide.”

Update (Jan. 27, 2020) This post was updated to include release and distribution information. It was originally published on Jan. 17, 2020.