Boulevard Brewing Co. released its final addition to its Smokestack Series from 2015, Imperial Stout X-Coconut.

Using Imperial Stout as the base, this version saw the addition of a little over 2 lbs. of raw coconut per barrel within the steel fermentation tanks, and was allowed to rest on coconut flakes for 48 hours after removal from the tank, creating for even more infusion of the aroma and flavor into the base beer.

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Reminder: Imperial Stout X – Coconut drops in KC today with other cities to follow soon.

Imperial Stout X-Coconut ended up with an 11 percent ABV and 63 IBUs. The 750ml bottles of Imperial Stout X-Coconut are being released today in the greater Kansas City area and will be available throughout Boulevard’s regular distribution footprint soon after.

While the beer was scheduled to be released late last year, a backlog of label approvals in Missouri caused Boulevard to delay the release.