Boulevard Brewing Co. and Odell Brewing Co. each delivered its first keg of beer one day apart 25-years ago. Now, both breweries are celebrating their respective anniversaries with a collaboration, aptly titled Silver Anniversary Ale.

“On November 17, 1989 Boulevard founder John McDonald loaded a keg of Boulevard Pale Ale into the bed of his pickup truck and delivered it to a restaurant a few blocks down the street,” said a press release. “Less than 24 hours later and only 650 miles away Doug Odell was putting a keg of Odell Golden Ale into his own truck. These were the first kegs of beer each man ever sold.”

Coming in at 7.3 percent ABV and 40 IBUs, Silver Anniversary Ale is a American strong ale that is being sold in 750-ml bottles. Both Boulevard and Odell brewed the exact same base beer in their respective breweries, but each brewer used different yeast strains and hops, making both versions unique beers.

Boulevard’s version of the anniversary beer was released yesterday on draft in Kansas City and bottles will be available today around the city. Bottles will also ship soon to all 29 states that the Kansas City, Mo.-based brewery distributes to, including the recently added Florida, New Jersey and Philadelphia. In addition, Boulevard’s version of the beer will be available in kegs in each of the 11 states where Odell is distributed.

Odell’s version was released yesterday on draft at its brewery.

The original version of this story indicated that Odell’s version of the beer would be available in bottles, it is not.