Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Imperial Stout X – Coffee will begin shipping to retailers in the Kansas City area tomorrow, Feb. 10.

As we wrote back in December, the 11 percent ABV imperial stout is a new addition to the Kansas City, Mo.-based brewery’s Smokestack Series,which includes both limited releases and year-round beers. It’s actually not the debut of Imperial Stout X – Coffee bottles, Boulevard told Tenemu that it shipped the bottles nationally, but had to wait to ship the Kansas City bottles due to delays with Missouri’s label registration system.

The new beer uses Boulevard’s Imperial Stout as the base before incorporating Ethiopian Sidamo coffee from The Roasterie, a specialty coffee-roasting company based in the Kansas City area. There will be three additional new beers that will use the Imperial Stout as its base. While Boulevard has not released the upcoming beers names, some details have already been announced: one to be released in June that is aged in rum barrels, one to be released in September and one to be released in December.

Imperial Stout X – Coffee is being sold exclusivly in 750ml bottles and will be sent to Boulevard’s entire distribution footprint across the country.

Update: Story has been updated to reflect national shipping status.