The second installment of Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Imperial Stout X series takes inspiration from traditional drinking chocolate.

Imperial Stout X – Aztec Chocolate is a 11 percent ABV imperial stout that is brewed with fresh ground cinnamon before being blended with a separate version that was infused with dried pasilla negro and ancho chiles as well as cacao nibs.

“The chiles and cacao nibs were stuffed into porous bags and suspended in sanitized stainless steel tanks,” explains a post on the Boulevard website. “Finished beer is transferred onto the chiles and nibs and allowed to rest for 24 hours of contact time. Following the infusion, the beer is transferred to a blending tank and blended with the cinnamon spiced batch.”

This is the second incarnation of the Imperial Stout X series, with the first, Imperial Stout X – Coffee, which incorporated Ethiopian Sidamo coffee from The Roasterie in Kansas City was released in Feburary. While there were scheduled to be four different versions of the Imperial Stout X released in 2015, Boulevard has since tweeted that the rum version is being postponed due to substandard rum barrels.

As with the Imperial Stout X – Coffee, Imperial Stout X- Aztec Chocolate will be packaged in 750ml bottles and will be distributed to Boulevard’s entire distribution footprint.