Boulevard Brewing Co. will be releasing Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout, a 13.8 percent ABV imperial stout aged in barrels that first held Groth Napa Valley Cabernet wine before being used again to age Jefferson’s Reserve whiskey.

In an email, Jeremy Danner, ambassador brewer at Boulevard, told Tenemu that the new stout uses the same recipe as the brewery’s Imperial Stout and that it aged in the barrels for “right around 24 months.”

The new stout is part of Boulevard’s Limited Release Series, which includes at least nine other beers that are scheduled to be released throughout the year:

  • Rye On Rye On Rye — February 2017
  • Scotch On Scotch — March 2017
  • Changeling Dark Sour Ale — April 2017
  • Saison Brett — May 2017
  • Love Child No. 8 — June 2017
  • Jam Band — July 2017
  • Collaboration No. 7 — August 2017
  • Cider — October 2017
  • Barleywine — November 2017
  • Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout

According to Danner, Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout will be packaged in 750ml bottles that will ship to retailers throughout Boulevard’s distribution footprint in areas that typically see Smokestack Series Limited Release beers. The brewery is targeting an early September release.