A brand new collaboration between Bottle Logic Brewing and Commonwealth Brewing Co. was inspired by the flavors found in a popular Italian cookie.

That beer is Adjust for Altitude, a 14.03 percent ABV imperial stout brewed with chocolate malts and hazelnut flour before being aged in bourbon barrels. The new joint effort is mean to replicate the flavors found in biscotti cookies.

Adjust For Altitude is a member of Bottle Logic’s Stasis Project Series, which “celebrates the barrel as a fifth ingredient” and includes other notables such as Concentrated Solution 2020 (20.59 percent ABV), Equivalent Dose 2019 (13.49 percent ABV) and Arcane Rituals 2019 (13.59 percent ABV.)

According to Bottle Logic, Adjust For Altitude will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($22.95) and will have a purchase limit that will be decided closer to the release. Interested parties will have the chance to order tickets redeemable for bottles on Jan. 10 via Eventbrite with bottle pickups starting that same day.

In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bottle Logic is allowing proxies for this release as long as the proxy’s name and information is added at the time the tickets for the beers are purchased.