A new collaboration between Bottle Logic Brewing and Moksa Brewing Co. in Rocklin, Calif. was aged in barrels that first held another Bottle Logic stout.

The joint effort by the two breweries is However Improbable 2018, a 12.8 percent ABV imperial stout was brewed in autumn 2017 and was recirculated on coconut pieces after fermentation for three days before it was put into freshly emptied barrels that previously contained Darkstar November imperial stout.

After aging for “a few months” in those barrels, the beer was then put into fresh, first-use bourbon barrels with a pound of Tahitian vanilla beans for an unspecified amount of time before being recirculated through a hopback “chock-full of fresh coconut” for five days. Finally, the breweries replaced the original coconut in the hopback with toasted coconut and ran the stout through that adjunct for an additional four days before bottling.

The new imperial stout is the latest addition to the Anaheim, Calif.-based brewery’s Stasis Project Series, which “celebrates the barrel as a fifth ingredient” and includes other notables such as Resplendent Angel 2018 (13.75 percent ABV), Darkstar November 2018 (14 percent ABV) and The Lost Colony 2018 (12.5 percent ABV.)

According to a post on Bottle Logic’s Instagram page, However Improbable 2018 will put on sale via Eventbrite on Jan. 6 with bottle pickups starting Jan. 12 and no proxies will be allowed.