The newest addition to Bottle Logic Brewing’s most popular series is a “small-batch release that celebrates the spirit of craft distilling.”

Arborescence 2020 is a “formidable” 15.21 percent ABV blend of imperial stouts aged in 15-gallon bourbon barrels sourced from Los Angeles-based R6 Distilling and Evanston, Ill.-based FEW Spirits and conditioned on blackberries, hazelnuts and Allspice.

The size of the barrels the new stout was aged in is unusual, as Bottle Logic has historically aged its stouts in larger 53-gallon bourbon barrels, with the increased contact area resulting in a profile that is more “barrel-forward.”

According to Bottle Logic, Arborescence 2020 will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($22.95) and interested parties will have the chance to order tickets redeemable for bottles on Sept. 13 via Eventbrite with a purchase limit to be announced at a later date. In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bottle Logic is allowing proxies for this release as long as the proxy’s name and information is added at the time the tickets for the beers are purchased.