Bottle Logic Brewing’s most popular series has never included a barleywine, but that will change this weekend.

The Anaheim, Calif.-based brewery has announced that it will be releasing Sight and Mind 2018, an 18.7 percent ABV barleywine-style ale that has been aged in “a blend of bourbon and brandy barrels.”

The new barleywine is the latest addition to the Anaheim, Calif.-based brewery’s Stasis Project Series, which “celebrates the barrel as a fifth ingredient” and includes other notables such as Resplendent Angel 2018 (13.75 percent ABV), Ground State 2018 (12.89 percent ABV) and The Lost Colony 2018 (12.5 percent ABV.)

According to Bottle Logic, Sight and Mind 2018 will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($21.95) and will have a three bottle per person purchase limit. Interested parties will have the chance to order tickets redeemable for bottles on Sept. 16 via Eventbrite and bottle pickups will start Sept. 22 with no proxies allowed.