Next year, Bell’s Brewery will be shipping an exclusive release to Texas to commemorate its launch in the Lone Star State.

The new beer is named Am I Right or Amarillo, a 6 percent ABV IPA brewed exclusively with Amarillo hops. The Kalamazoo, Mich.-based brewery announced it would be adding Texas distribution in September.

“I have been telling people for quite some time, that if we ever head to Texas, this beer would be a part of it,” said Larry Bell, president and founder of Bell’s, in a press release. “It’s a huge part of the celebration and of the commitment we are making to our 31st state.”

According to a press release, Am I Right or Amarillo will be packaged in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles as well as on draft, and is scheduled to be available on retailer’s shelves in Texas in “early March.”