Bell’s Brewery has announced the 2018 batches of Hopslam will once again be released in a 5 liter mini-keg.

The 10 percent ABV double IPA brewed with honey is only available in January and February, so it will be another eight months before we see the mini-kegs hit shelves.

Mini-Kegs of Hopslam debuted in 2011 and were released again in 2015, though there were no Mini-Kegs from 2012-2014. While they were released in 2016, Bell’s did not make them available for Hop Slam’s release a few months ago.

Hopslam contains six different hops during its boil schedule, but is finished off with a massive dry-hop addition of Simcoe. According to Bell’s website, the large malt bill and the addition of honey help balance the beer out.

Further information, such as distribution and price, have not yet been announced.