The California drought has claimed its latest victim. Bear Republic Brewing Co. has announced it will be pulling out of the Massachusetts market due to the four-year-old shortage of water that has ravaged California and continues to hamper the Healdsburg-based brewery’s ability to meet demand.

According to a press release, Bear Republic will continue to ship ordered product through the end of the the year, but no new orders will be filled after Dec. 31, 2014.

“Even though the two wells that Bear Republic funded for the city are in place, we’ve yet to receive any additional water because of the drought’s effect on the City’s overall water availability,” said Richard Norgrove, president of Bear Republic. “I don’t expect this condition to improve much throughout 2015, which is why I’ve made this decision.”

Over the last 18 months, Bear Republic has pulled out of 19 different territories in order to keep all of its wholesale channels supplied and the newest announcement allows the brewery to maintain this priority, as well as secure its 2015 production.

“The decision did not come easy and was made with a clear understanding of the impact it would have on the market,” continues Norgrove. “Our hope is that the water supply issues will be resolved at the earliest opportunity and with the markets patience and support, we will return to Massachusetts.”