For those who are weary about the way too long election year, fear not for Avery Brewing Co. once again has you covered with its Ale to the Chief!, an inauguration brew. A rare find, like an honest politician, the Boulder, Colo. brewery makes this ale once every four years with hope of bipartisan support for good beer.

Per a recent label approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Ale to the Chief! will be reintroduced later in 2016. Listed as a Presidential pale ale, not an imperial, as we live in a democracy. Made with American hops, of course, results in a 8.1 percent ABV ale.

Avery began brewing Ale to the Chief! in 2008 as an American double IPA at 8.75 percent ABV. They elected to continue and brewed it again in 2012. This year’s version will be available to outlets in 22-ounce bottles of freedom soon.

An email sent to the brewery was not immediately returned.