For fans of Avery Brewing Co., the impending election can only mean one thing: the return of Ale to the Chief.

This year’s incarnation of the beer is an 8.1 percent ABV “Presidential pale ale” brewed with caramel-120, dark Munich and honey malts before being dry-hopped with Cascade hops.

Avery Ale to the Chief 2016 22-ounce Bottle

“We the Brewers of Avery Brewing Company, in order to form a more perfect ale, require leadership that can liberate us from quagmires in foreign lands; embrace environmentally sound energy alternatives; continue healing our healthcare system; and unite the parties around this bipartisan brew,” reads a press release. “We hereby pledge to provide him or her with an ample amount of our Presidential Pale Ale whilst they achieve the aforementioned goals! Hail to the Chief!”

Ale to the Chief was first released in 2009 to celebrated that year’s Inauguration day on Jan. 20, with a second release in 2012 to commemorate the last election.

According to a press release, Ale to the Chief was released on draft at the Boulder, Colo.-based brewery today, with 22-ounce bottles scheduled to ship this month to retailers in Avery’s entire distribution network.