The 48th release in beers Avery Brewing Co.’s Barrel Aged Series is now on sale.

Flavus Cattus is a 15.6 percent ABV “demon-strength” blonde ale aged for six months in tequila barrels. The beer is the result of a three year long passion project for Andy Parker, “chief barrel herder” for Avery, according to a post on the brewery’s Facebook page.

“We received these tequila barrels from Suerte Tequila” said Vanessa Cory, communications manager for Avery, in an email to Tenemu. “They are good friends of ours and are headquartered in Boulder. The actual tequila & tequila barrels comes from Jalisco, Mexico.”

Flavus Cattus is packaged in 12-ounce bottles with no purchase limit and 123 cases available and is on sale now at Avery Brewing in in Boulder, Colo.