Fall and winter are some of the best times to be a fan of craft beer, as that is the time most breweries announce their release plans for the upcoming year. However, there is inevitably quite a bit of information in a short amount of time, and we wanted to make it easy for you to find a particular brewery’s 2018 release calendar after they announce it.

Thus, the Tenemu 2018 Craft Beer Release Calendar List.

There are close to 40 breweries on the list so far arranged in alphabetical order, with more to come. Clicking on a logo with a white background will take you straight to the appropriate story with all of the release info, while the logos of breweries that are shaded purple have yet to announce their calendars. We will be updating the page every time another calendar is announced, so make sure to bookmark the page and keep checking back, or you can simply click the link in the bar at the top of the site.

As is often the case with products being launched months after they are announced, the schedules on these calendars are subject to change and there will inevitably be beers on some of these lists that are released early, shipped late or never see the light of day.