Anchor Brewing’s newest beer is named after one of the most popular sayings of the California Gold Rush.

According to a press release, the San Francisco, Calif.-based brewery will be releasing Go West! IPA, a 6.7 percent ABV IPA brewed with 2-row pale malt along with apollo and bravo hops in the kettle, and a dry-hopped with a blend of Calypso, citra, equinox and Eureka! hops.

Anchor Go West! IPA

“The California Gold Rush compelled thousands to Go West! ‘to see the elephant,’ a metaphor for the doggedly optimistic risk-taking linked then and now with America’s intensified pursuit of happiness,” reads the beer label. “As early as 1849, India Pale Ale—prepared by British brewers for export to India by adding dry hops to barrels of hoppy ale—was also going west, from England around the Horn to San Francisco.”

“We had a lot of fun creating this beer, brewing and tasting several prototypes looking for the perfect hop blend for our new IPA,” said Scott Ungermann, Anchor brewmaster.  “To achieve a stronger and brighter hop aroma, we built a completely new, custom piece of equipment used in the cellar that continually filters the beer through whole cone hops during the dry-hopping process. This gives the beer its hop-forward, complex aroma of citrus, pine and tropical fruit.”

According to the press release, Go West! IPA is packaged in both 12-ounce bottles and and 12-ounce cans and has started shipping to retailers in Anchor’s distribution footprint.

Update (Feb. 21, 2016) — This post was updated to include details on the release date. It was originally published on Nov. 8, 2015.