Almanac Beer Co. has released the fourth beer in its Sournova series.

The newest incarnation is Cherry Sournova, a 5.8 percent ABV sour ale aged in oak barrels with real cherries and whole vanilla beans. As with the other beers in the series, the new member is packaged in 16-ounce cans.

There have been three other Sournova releases from the San Francisco-based brewery:

  • Blueberry Sournova – A 5.7 percent ABV ale, aged for months with blueberries in oak barrels
  • Peach Sournova – A 5.8 percent ABV sour ale, aged with California peaches and nectarines from Blossom Bluff Orchard
  • Raspberry Sournova – A 5.5 percent ABV sour ale, aged for months with raspberries and whole vanilla beans

According to comments made on the Almanac Facebook page, Cherry Sournova is now available at the Almanac Barrel house in Alameda, Calif. and is scheduled to ship across the brewery’s distribution network later this week.