Allagash Brewing Co. is releasing two of its seasonal beers today: Monmouth Red 2018 and Ghoulschip 2018.

Monmouth Red is a 7.9 percent ABV red ale brewed with Hallertau hops that has been fermented with the brewery’s house yeast in stainless steel before being aged with lactobacillus and pediococcus for 18 months in an oak foudre. The beer is then transferred into apple brandy barrels where it is aged an additional 12 months before being bottled.

Another one of Allagash’s halloween traditions is returning in Ghoulschip 2018, a 7.7 percent ABV beer brewed with aged whole leaf hops, fresh local pumpkins, molasses and raw pumpkin seeds that was spontaneously sour it in the brewrey’s coolship on Halloween night last year.

According to the Allagash Facebook page, Monmouth Red 2018 and Ghoulschip 2018 will be available in 375ml bottles and have a four bottle per person purchase limit when it is released at the brewery today.