One of AleSmith Brewing Co.’s Speedway Stout variants that debuted two years ago is making a return tomorrow.

Hawaiian Speedway Stout is a 12 percent ABV imperial stout that incorporates toasted coconut flakes, vanilla and Ka’u coffee sourced from the Ka’u region of Hawaii. The beer is priced at $22 per 750ml bottle, which makes it one of the less expensive Speedway variants to be bottled.

This is the second release of the variant after it was first released in Nov. 2015 and is one of more than 60 variants that uses Alesmith’s Speedway Stout as its base.

According to a post on Alesmith’s Eventbrite page, customers will be able to purchase up to four 750ml bottles of Hawaiian Speedway Stout ($22) starting on Nov. 6, with bottle pickups available at the brewery starting on Nov. 11. In addition, a proxy will be allowed to pick up bottles for one other purchaser.