AleSmith Brewing Co. of San Diego, Calif. has announced that today that tickets will be available to purchase two limited release beers: Hammerhead Speedway Stout and Port Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy.


The Hammerhead Speedway Stout uses the year-round Speedway Stout as a base beer. Speedway Stout is a 12 percent ABV Russian imperial stout with a bitterness of 70 IBU brewed with coffee from local coffee-shop Ryan Bros. Coffee Inc.

According to the brewery, the beer takes its inspiration from the coffee-based beverage, the hammerhead, where baristas add a shot of espresso to a cup of coffee. Crushed Ethiopian espresso beans are added to this beer for even more coffee flavor and bite.

The Port Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy uses the Scottish-style ale, Wee Heavy as its base. According to the brewery, Port Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy uses port wine barrels to impart notes of sherry, dried fruit, vanilla, red wine, and oak.

Wee Heavy is a 10 percent ABV Scotch Ale that is also available year-round.

Starting today at 11 a.m. PST, tickets will be available on Eventbrite. The ticket allows the purchase of up to three bottles of the Hammerhead Speedway Stout and up to six bottles of Port Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy.

Beers can be picked up from the tasting room between March 5-April 17. Only ticket holders or designated pickup persons will be able to purchase bottles.