Alaskan Brewing Co.’s new Frontier Pack includes not only two very special beers, but also provides fans a unique way to see inside of the 12-count sampler prior to purchase.

Each release of the Frontier Pack include two of the brewery’s regular production beers—the Alaskan Amber and the Icy Bay IPA—along with two other beers that will be rotated approximately every month.  One of the rotating beers will be a “limited-edition style” or “experimental brew” while the second will be a handpicked “brewers’ choice” release.

In addition, the sampler has windows cut out that allows customers to see the actual labels of the beers that are in the sampler before they purchase.

“People want to be able to see what beer they’re getting inside a variety pack, and it’s exciting and a lot of fun to get that interaction going before the beer has even left the store,” said Tasha Heumann, brand coordinator at Alaskan, in a press release.

The first release of the Frontier Pack includes three each of four different beers:

  • Alaskan Amber (5.3 percent ABV)
  • Icy Bay IPA (6.2 percent ABV)
  • Spruce IPA (7.0 percent ABV)
  • Kicker Session IPA (4.5 percent ABV)
  • White Belgian-style witbier (5.3 percent ABV)

In an email, Andy Kline, communications manager Alaksan, told Tenemu that all of the samplers in the first release will include both Alaskan Amber and Icy Bay IPA, while the remaining slots will be filled by two of the three remaining beers on a random rotating basis.

The Frontier Packs are shipping now to retailers in all 20 states where Alaskan distributes.