By the end of the month, fans of Adelbert’s Brewery will be able to enjoy a new treat.

The Austin, Texas-based brewery’s Tripel Treat incorporates Tripel B, a 9.3 percent ABV tripel, as the base beer before aging it in Treaty Oak’s Barrel Reserve rum barrels. The new incarnation has a final ABV of 11.7 percent.

“I enjoy working with Treaty Oak’s barrels to make new and innovative combinations of barrel aged beers. In some ways, bourbon barrel aging has been overdone, so it’s nice to offer something unique to consumers,” said Scott Hovey, founder of Adelbert’s Brewery, in a press release. “We were excited to find that the Rum barrels really made the vanilla notes pop in ways that other barrels don’t.”

The new beer is part of the brewery’s Vintage Series, which also includes Contemplating Waterloo, a 9.1 percent ABV saison aged in gin barrels; Barrel Aged Naked Nun, a 5.8 percent ABV wit ale aged in red wine barrels; Vintage Monks, a 9.1 percent ABV dubbel ale aged in oak wine barrels and Barrel of Love, a 8 percent ABV chocolate stout aged in bourbon barrels.

According to the press release, Tripel Treat is limited to approximately 110 cases, and will be distributed in the cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio starting this week.