We now know when tickets to 3 Floyds Brewery’s Dark Lord Day 2019 will go on sale: March 23.

The annual event taking place on May 18 is the only place where people can get bottles of Dark Lord, a 15 percent ABV Russian imperial stout brewed with coffee, Indian sugar and Mexican vanilla.

While attendees to last year’s festival on May 19 got four bottles of 2018 Dark Lord, there were also multiple versions of “rare 2018 Dark Lord variant(s)” included in each pre-packaged bag that were handed to each person at random including Marshmallow Handle, Dia Oscuro and French Vanilla Militia.

Although no information about ticket pricing or package details has been released yet, last year’s festival was the third year that the brewery charged a flat fee instead of a la carte pricing.

Attendees paid $180 for entrance to the event—which is held at the brewery—a branded tote bag, four 22-ounce bottles of Dark Lord 2018 and one bottle of a rare Dark Lord variant, which included releases like Marshmallow Handjee, Chemtrailmix and French Vanilla Militia.

According to a post on 3 Floyds’ Twitter page, tickets for Dark Lord Day 2019 will go on sale at noon CST on March 23 at this website.

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