Mini Beer Shots – Enhance Your Cocktail Game- 2024

A wonderful and amusing creation, the Mini Beer Shot 🍺 has become well-known for its mouthwatering flavor 😋 and adorable appearance. Despite its name, there is no real beer in this concoction.

Rather, it’s a shot made of sweet, creamy liqueur  that looks like a traditional pint of beer, complete with a fluffy “head” 🍦 to add to the illusion. Just like the playful and delicious White Gummy Bear Shot 🐻, the Mini Beer Shot offers a unique twist on conventional shots, blending creativity with taste.

Let’s examine what makes the Mini Beer Shot a memorable and entertaining addition to any event, alongside favorites like the White Gummy Bear Shot, enhancing the fun 🎉 and variety of choices for guests.

Appeal Of Mini Beer Shots

The appeal of Mini Beer Shots lies in their novelty and the fun presentation, as well as their delicious taste. They’re a fantastic icebreaker at parties and can add a playful element to your event.

The shot’s sweet, smooth flavor profile makes it a hit among those who may not typically enjoy traditional shots, offering a dessert-like experience in a glass.

Create your own mini beer shot

Creating a mini beer shot is simple and requires just a few ingredients. Here’s how you can make it:


  • Licor 43 (1 ½ ounces or approximately 45 ml)
  • Heavy cream (a splash, approximately 15 ml)



  • Pour the Licor 43: Fill a shot glass about three-quarters full with Licor 43 to create the base of your mini beer.
  • Add the Cream: Carefully pour a small amount of heavy cream over the back of a spoon and onto the top of the Licor 43. The goal is to gently float the cream on top of the liqueur without mixing the two layers, to mimic the foam of a beer.
  • Serve Immediately: The Mini Beer Shot is best enjoyed right after preparation, while the layers are distinct, and the “foam” is frothy.

Tips For The Perfect Mini Beer Shot

Tips for the Perfect Mini Beer Shot

  • Chill Your Ingredients: For the best experience, ensure both the Licor 43 and the heavy cream are chilled before use. This helps the cream to float more easily and keeps the shot refreshing.
  • Use a Spoon: Pouring the cream over the back of a spoon is crucial for achieving the layered effect. This technique allows for a gentle pour, which is key to creating the distinct “beer foam” look.
  • Customize Your Shot: While the classic Mini Beer Shot is simple and sweet, feel free to experiment with flavored creams or even a drop of vanilla extract in the cream for added depth, much like the adventurous spirit seen in crafting the Duck Fart Shot. Just as the Duck Fart Shot combines whiskey, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream for a layered and flavorful experience, introducing flavored creams or vanilla to your Mini Beer Shot can elevate it to new heights of taste and creativity

Variations And Experimentation

The basic recipe for a Mini Beer Shot is simple, but there’s room for experimentation and customization. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Flavored Creams: Swap out the heavy cream for flavored creams or even a dollop of whipped cream for an extra touch of sweetness and flavor. Vanilla, almond, and coconut are excellent choices that complement the citrusy notes of Licor 43.
  • Layered Liqueurs: For an even more visually striking shot, consider adding a thin layer of another liqueur beneath the Licor 43. Something with a dark color, like coffee liqueur, can add a “stout” look to your mini beer.
  • Seasonal Twists: Incorporate seasonal flavors by infusing the cream with spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg during the holidays, or mint for a refreshing summer variant.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Does a Mini Beer Shot contain actual beer?

Ans- No, despite its name and appearance, a Mini Beer Shot does not contain any beer. The “beer” part of the drink is purely aesthetic, achieved through the layering of Licor 43 and cream.

Q2. How do you make the cream float on top of the Licor 43?

Ans- The key to floating the cream on top of the Licor 43 is to pour it gently over the back of a spoon held just above the liqueur’s surface. This technique allows the cream to spread evenly and form a layer that resembles beer foam.

Q3. Can I use something other than heavy cream for the foam?

Ans- Yes, you can experiment with different ingredients for the foam. Some alternatives include whipped cream, half-and-half, or even non-dairy options like coconut cream, though the effect and taste may vary.

Q4. Is there a non-alcoholic version of the Mini Beer Shot?

Ans- Creating a non-alcoholic version that mimics the exact flavor profile might be challenging due to the unique taste of Licor 43. However, you can experiment with non-alcoholic vanilla or citrus syrups and a cream layer for a similar visual effect.

Q5. How should Mini Beer Shots be served?

Ans- Mini Beer Shots are best served in small shot glasses that allow the layers to be visible. They should be consumed soon after preparation to maintain the distinct layering effect.

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