Dallas, Texas-based Lakewood Brewery will be releasing another variation of its popular Temptress imperial milk stout on Sept. 4 to commemorate what it calls “Midi Gras,” or the halfway point to Mardi Gras celebration.

Previously known as Bourbon Street Temptress, the French Quarter Temptress is a 9.1 percent ABV imperial milk stout that incorporates barrel-aged Noble Coyote Papau New Guinea coffee and chicory from Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters into the blend.

The release is part of Lakewood Brewing Seduction Series, a series of quarterly, small-batch variations of Temptress.

“We barrel-aged coffee beans, coining it Operation B.R.E.W. (Beans Resting, Enhanced by Whiskey),” said Wim Bens, owner and founder of Lakewood Brewery, in a press release.

“Using one of our spent Bourbon Barrel Temptress barrels, Noble Coyote aged green Peruvian Cajamarca coffee beans for four months, which imparted subtle notes of bourbon to the beans.”

The official release event will be held at The Common Table bar starting at 5 p.m., and a limited number of themed glasses will be available.

After that, the beer will be a tap-only release and will be available at various bars and restaurants in the Dallas area for a limited amount of time.

Along with the regular release version, previous incarnations of the Temptress have included Raspberry Temptress released for Valentine’s Day, Mole Temptress released for Cinco de Mayo and Bourbon Barrel Temptress, which is aged in spent Bulleit bourbon casks and is released in bottles every year in December.

There have also been some one-off releases of the beer at the brewery and events, including a bourbon barrel aged version of the Raspberry Temptress, Sin Mint Temptress made with spearmint, Root Beer Temptress and Cap’n Crunch Temptress.

Dallas-based Lakewood brewery opened its doors in 2011, and has since won awards at multiple competitions for some of their creations. With the expansion of its brewery in 2015, Lakewood hopes to bottle the Seduction Series beginning next year.

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