Founders Brewing Co.’s first addition to its most popular series next year is one that fans have seen before.

The beer in question is Panther Cub 2021, a 9.2 ABV porter aged in “the finest bourbon barrels available” and conditioned on “a kiss” of maple syrup and vanilla extract.

Panther Cub will be one of the beers in Founder’s 2021 Barrel-Aged Series, which is made up of various styles of beer aged in different barrels and has included past creations like KBS 2020, Backwoods Bastard 2020, KBS Espresso 2020, Más Agave 2020, and Underground Mountain Brown 2020.

Although the porter debuted as a draft-only option during Black Beer Party in 2013, it was re-released as part of Founders’ Mothership Series in December 2018. However, that latter version was aged in a combination of BLIS maple syrup bourbon barrels and regular bourbon barrels for “over two years” and conditioned on whole vanilla beans “just for fun.”

According to a post on Founders’ website, Panther Cub 2021 will be packaged in four packs of 12-ounce bottles that are scheduled to be shipped to retailers across the brewery’s nationwide distribution network in March 2021.

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